The working conditions of the twenty-first century require so much motivation, energy and a strict time management plan for those who are obliged to work at nine to five office jobs. The people who are especially working at the service, hospitality, consultancy, finance or law sectors devote so much of their time to their office jobs. The tight schedules, continuous stress, upcoming deadlines and unending projects make people even more stressed and concerned than they should normally be.

Among these working conditions, people show a greater tendency for indoor sports or going to a fitness studio regularly so that they can keep their inner balance safe, while possessing a relatively healthy body. However, the one and only thing that can cure overwhelmed employees is spending more time in touch with nature and going back to the roots of being human. Only because of this reason, there are thousands of expats in all of Europe who quit their office jobs and choose to be nomads for a year or two while continuing their business on a freelance basis.

The nomad expats with years of experience in their own sector start assisting newly developing businesses and small-scale enterprises with their knowledge, while at tha same time visiting organic farms in the rural areas of the world. Most of the nomad expats use international health insurance providers or professional health applications on their smartphones. It is possible for nomad expats to make a face to face call with their doctor on this app so that they always feel safe and secure.

Exploring Permaculture Camps or Organic Farms

The smell of the grass and the music of the trees nearby rehabilitate the damaged people who used to live a corporate life in urban cities. Each year, hundreds of permaculture camps or organic farms make an announcement on their welcoming dates for the volunteers or guests to come and explore real-life in nature. People can be guests and stay in permaculture farms for a couple of weeks, they can be volunteers for a couple of months, or they can even be a travelling nomad if the time is extended and combined with a programme of freelance and remote work. The people who visit permaculture farms wake up early in the morning to do the tasks assigned to them after a quick training. The tasks have to do with maintenance of the plants, harvesting of fruits or vegetables, or keeping the livestock area clean and healthy.

Where to Find Permaculture Farms and Volunteer Camps

For vineyards, the Toscany region of Italy is the best. For olive oil, walnut-harvesting and preparing organic food, the Aegean region of Turkey is the best. For livestock maintenance, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro are the best countries. Specifically for permaculture farms and eco designs by far Spain is the best country to visit.

Now it’s time to go back to the roots and be a true part of nature! All around Europe, permaculture farms are waiting for you.