If you’re looking for the most beautiful weather apps, then Windy is one of them. So what is it? Windy is a global animated weather forecast map optimized for your smartphone. Thanks to the fact that it is based on multiple forecast models, Windy is known to be one of the most accurate weather forecast apps out there. It allows you to zoom into any location in the world, and you can customize the app by adding your favorite places. Every location displayed on the app has its forecast weather indicated.

As a farmer, you’re always wondering what the weather will turn out to be in the future since your success depends on it – you will be done in the event of any extremes. With Windy, you can eliminate all this guesswork as the app allows you to tell how the weather will look like up to 10 days to come. This allows you to plan in advance, instead of sitting and waiting to count losses. By using Windy to determine how the weather will be like, you will be able to understand weather patterns of your site, and you may not need to use the app all the time.